The Zonta Heartbeat – September 2022

The Governors Message

Feeling energised from Hamburg 2022.

The 65th Zonta Convention held in Hamburg in June 2022 was absolutely fantastic. Thank you to all that attended either virtually or in person.

I’m only sorry that so many of us from New Zealand were unable to attend due to the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and other personal reasons.

But I am thrilled that so many of us will be able to attend in 2024 because it will be so close to home in Brisbane. (dates to be confirmed)

With everything that is going on with our planet, the 65th Convention in Hamburg, Germany was very timely. I’m more committed than I’ve ever been to making the world a better place for women and girls. From this year’s energising Area Meetings for D16 to a Convention of like-minded Zontians from all over the world with a common goal.


our New Biennium, 2022-24

Build a Better World for Women and Girls.

1. Stand out for Gender Equity
2. Represent Global Citizenship
3. Develop Future Leaders
4. Celebrate Ourselves
5. Position ZONTA for the Future

For D16 we will make President Ute’s Goals, our Goals, for this we align with ZI and we can work together locally, nationally and internationally on these common goals. To do this, I have added my take on this and would like us to work together more.

Zonta President Ute Shultz

If we do something by ourselves, our efforts are not reached as far. Therefore my theme for this Biennium is ALWAYS BETTER TOGETHER.

By working as a team, supporting each other, supporting the projects we work on together, making visitors feel welcome together, by each and every one of us making that extra effort, there is no reason we can’t grow Zonta D16. Zonta needs you and me and our friends more than ever.

I’ve been really excited about President Ute Shultz’s Biennium Goals since we first heard about them in Chicago in April, and it really spoke to me as it’s fantastic to be on the same page. Those who have been able to hear me for the past two years at Area meetings, perhaps meeting me in person or understanding me from within, will know that I, too, believe we need to restart and go back to basics.

These are President’s Ute’s goals, we will talk about one every issue of this newsletter. But here’s a  summary of what she envisages we will work on:

President Ute would also like us to make these our main focus twice every year.

Why? As we all have families, friends, jobs, and busy other lives that need us too. 
President Ute has asked that we work on two main times a year, therefore like a Mexican Wave at a rugby match, when it is Rose Day and International Women’s Day – that we make a concentrated effort as a whole country to stand out. 

We have an incredibly powerful Advocacy committee again. They have truly spoken out loudly representing Zonta to our country. We have clubs working on these as well. And in November, we’ll be shouting from the rooftops, “Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women and Girls!” I’d like to see us embrace the ORANGE the WORLD campaign, I do know the Christchurch Presidents are working together on this for a joint effort, talk to them, or make use of Rebecca Bullen, Zonta Says No! Chair, as she too has goals to achieve for us this Biennium and is here to help us all. 

Get your Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs involved. Take the concept and work together to make our message truly stand out. Start planning now with your clubs.  Say it clear and loudly that violence is not tolerated and it pains me that this is happening to our families and friends all over New Zealand. Let’s work together to make this happen.

District Project and Financial Goals for D16

The Financial Goals for this Biennium are $70K for the District Project and $70K for Zonta International.

With your outstanding efforts to your own local charities for your Clubs also. 
The Voting has gone out for this Biennium’s D16 project. We appreciate that you can get these back to us within 45 days (16th Oct 2022). 

Please remember, 1/3 to local, 1/3 to District and 1/3 to International. If you think that local is needed more, then perhaps talk to your Area Director about highlighting the District Project and International Projects in your monthly meetings, as the more educated you are to what the difference you are making in the whole world, the more likely you are to understand why this, in my opinion, is essential to the success of ZI on a larger scale than just concentrating on NZ alone – Just ask! 

Top Tips for growing your club

Do you remember what it was like when you first went to Zonta? It can be a little scary. 

1. When asking a visitor, ask them to bring a friend or two, always nicer for them to come along not feeling alone.

2. Treat them like best friends, visitors will be nervous.

3. Invite them back – do you have a buddy system so they get well looked after, therefore know what events are coming up. 

4. Encourage your Zonta members in their new roles, don’t put them down, we are there to empower each other, not just those around the world. 

5. Don’t say “we’ve tried that before it didn’t work”. People have new ways of making things work, listen and support, do you want to be told your idea doesn’t work? Neither do they.  

6. Treat your Zonta family as just that – be kind, everyone wants to belong to a group that is fun, inviting, purposeful and engaging. Look within your club. Visitors are the lifeblood of ANY organisation, not just Zonta.

Without visitors we have no Zonta in the future, please don’t get too comfortable. You should be looking at where you meet, is it an inviting venue. If you were 25 years old would you like to meet there? 

Do you have a constant stream of visitors?
Sometimes when you have asked in the past – that isn’t the right timing.

Did you think that perhaps people don’t really understand what Zonta is, we still hear today that some believe it is a Professional Business Women’s group, and whilst that is partly true, many of you are retired, in different professions, with different abilities and skill sets, so please know that anyone is welcome nowadays. 

And don’t keep Zonta hidden. We need you to talk about it, to say what a great fundraiser you had and to thank those who helped you

What about those international statistics? It’s incredible how many lives we’ve changed for women and girls all over the world. 

Don’t drive your friends, but do tell them about them! 

If you require statistics, please contact us. Make use of the ZI website.

Governors Changeover Dinner 2022

Thank You All!

To the 136 of you that made this night so special as we thanked Desirae and her Board for 2020-2022.  To know that Desirae and her team, including you, had helped her achieve
her biennium goals.

It was a truly wonderful occasion. The Venue was gorgeous and set the scene for the grand event. The meal was perfect, (so the feedback was) and it was an honour for me to welcome in my Board for 2022-24 and celebrate with so many of you. We are already working well into this biennium. 

Chartering of New Plymouth Girls’ High School Z Club

Congratulations to Sponsor Zonta Club of Manawatu!

A truly outstanding effort to start this club which is 3.5 hours drive from your club’s hometown, Palmerston North. NPGH is an incredible school with the time they are putting into this too. We wish you all success. It was an honour to Charter this Club with you in August 2022. 

Zonta Club of Auckland East

Triple Visit for Governor Phillippa-Jacobs Lory.

Thank you, as it was a true pleasure to go to Auckland and not only attend the 35th Birthday of the Zonta Club of East Auckland. But also attend the Z Clubs at Howick College with 80 students and Macleans College with 100 Z Club members. Just incredible what Gay Gallager and her fabulous team put into these two Z Clubs. Well done to you and their schools. Just amazing the difference you are making in their lives and also the lives in your communities. 

D16 Conference 2023

Save the Date: 22nd – 24th September 2023


Please book time off work now for that Friday, it will be held in Christchurch, and the program will follow in due course, what we need you to know is it is on and we want you to SAVE THE DATE!

More info to follow on this soon.

Area Meetings

February/March/April 2023

Dates to be confirmed very soon. 
Thank you for this. Your Area Directors will be in touch if they haven’t already. 

These will be hosted by…

AREA 1: Zonta Club of Hibiscus Coast
AREA 2: Zonta Club of (to be confirmed)
AREA 3: Zonta Club of Marlborough
AREA 4: Zonta Club of Thames Valley 
AREA 5: Zonta Club of Invercargill

Zonta Yellow Rose Run 2022

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention the Zonta Yellow Rose Run.
This is the 4th Year running this hugely successful event. 

We ask that you all participate around NZ (and the world) if you can’t be in Christchurch on October 16th.

The $15 goes to our D16 Project, we encourage your clubs to do a 5km walk in your area, send in photos and pay the $15 online. This is a combined Christchurch Clubs effort. 
This year the money is going to GRG as was postponed from March due to Covid. 
I love this event that it can include you all, have a great time with your Club where ever you are and all the money goes to our common D16 Project. 

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