Z Club and Golden Z Club

What is a Z Club versus a Golden Z Club?

  • A club is either called a Z Club or a Golden Z Club
  • Z Clubs are in schools
  • Golden Z Clubs are in tertiary institutions
  • Both have a Sponsoring Zonta Club and have a teacher or person helping them liaise

Why Z & Golden Clubs?

Z and Golden Z Clubs give young people (male and female) an opportunity to interact and work together with experienced Zonta sponsors to enable Future Leaders to Build a Better Future through Service and Advocacy by:

  • Planning, organising, and participating in a range of activities
  • Having a positive influence on the world around them
  • Supporting community and international service projects
  • Developing international awareness
  • Learning valuable communication skills and civic leadership experience
  • Exploring career alternatives

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International History

The first Z Club was started by Dr Elta Pfister, charter president of the Zonta Club of Burbank, in response to a suggestion that she should start a club for girls like the Key Club for boys (sponsored by Kiwanis). The girls were encouraged to follow Zonta’s examples by engaging in community activities. At the time, Zonta International had been encouraging Zonta clubs to advise young women to enter the diplomatic corps and to attend colleges and universities.

To support the organisation of Z Clubs was to demonstrate further effort to promote young women. Growth through service became the motto for the Z Clubs, although it originally began as a Zonta Club motto. Today, the motto for Z Clubs has evolved to: Future Leaders Building a Better World Today through Service and Advocacy.

The first four Z Clubs were organised in southern California, and then the movement began to spread.

New Zealand History

The first Z Club in NZ was formed in Christchurch in 1994 at Avonside Girls’ High School. Today there are seven chartered clubs and one Golden Z Club.

What responsibilities do you have as a Z or Golden Z Club?

Z Clubs are student organisations formed in secondary schools or in the community that are sponsored by a Zonta club. The Zonta club is responsible for:

  • Paying the fees for the Z club
  • Communicating with the club they are sponsoring
  • Providing resources and information to encourage service to the school and community and an international awareness
  • Liaising between Zonta International and the Z Club

It is the school, community, and international aspects that make Z Clubs unique to other clubs that you could join.


Sponsoring Zonta ClubCharter Date
Avonside Girls’ High SchoolZonta Club of Christchurch-Canterbury1 March 1994
Carmel CollegeZonta Club of Auckland North Shore15 Oct 2008
St Hilda’s Collegiate SchoolZonta Club of Metropolitan Dunedin8 May 2012
Rutherford CollegeZonta Club of West Auckland17 April 2013
Macleans CollegeZonta Club of East Auckland26 July 2015
Rotorua Girls’ High SchoolZonta Club of Rotorua2018
Howick CollegeEast Auckland Zonta2019
Roncalli CollegeZonta Club of Timaru2020
New Plymouth Girls High SchoolZonta Club of Manawatu10th August 2022
Columba CollegeZonta Club of Metropolitan Dunedin5th March 2024


Sponsoring Zonta ClubCharter Date
Lincoln UniversityZonta Christchurch-South23 April 2018
Otago UniversityZonta Club of Metropolitan Dunedin29 September 2021


Zonta International recognises Z Club activities on an annual basis through the Emma L. Conlon Service Award. This award, established in 1962 was conceived and funded by Past International President (1956-1958) Emma L. Conlon as a way to encourage and to recognise exemplary service by young people. She strongly urged combining career goals and service opportunities to give young people a unique experience that would be beneficial as they prepared for their futures.

The purpose was to inspire the youth to work together in a world of friendship, service and understanding.
Each year first, second and third place awards are made to Z Clubs around the world.