Build a Better World for Women and Girls

Zonta International is a global organisation that works to advance the rights and status of women worldwide. It is a leading international service organisation who works locally, nationally and internationally with a focus on Building a Better World for Women and Girls through service and advocacy. 

Here are some key aspects of what Zonta International does:

  1. Service Projects: Zonta International undertakes service projects that aim to improve the lives of women in areas such as education, health, economic empowerment, and combating violence against women. These projects often involve partnering with local organisations and communities to address specific needs and challenges faced by women.
  2. Advocacy: Zonta International advocates for women’s rights and gender equality at various levels. The organisation works to influence policies and legislation that promote women’s empowerment, equal opportunities, and the elimination of discrimination and violence against women. Zonta members engage in public awareness campaigns and support initiatives that address gender-based issues.
  3. Scholarships and Awards: Zonta International offers scholarships and awards to support the education and professional development of women. These programs provide financial assistance, mentorship, and recognition to women pursuing higher education, leadership roles, and careers in traditionally male-dominated fields.
  4. International Conferences and Events: Zonta International organises conferences, workshops, and events that bring together members from around the world to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate on initiatives that advance the organisation’s mission. These gatherings provide a platform for networking, learning, and fostering global partnerships.
  5. Local and Global Impact: Zonta International operates through local clubs and districts in more than 60 countries. This structure allows members to have a direct impact on their communities by addressing local needs while contributing to the broader goals of Zonta at the international level.

Overall, Zonta International strives to empower women by supporting their education, advocating for their rights, and promoting gender equality.
The organisation plays a vital role in creating positive change and improving the lives of women globally.

Zonta have three main goals:

Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women
Zonta Says YES to Gender Equality
Zonta Says NOW to Climate Change

All three parts of our goals contribute to us making a difference to many lives.

Zonta D16 is Zonta New Zealand. Zonta has multiple Districts around the world

New Zealand Zonta, District 16, has been active since starting with its charter Club, Zonta Club of Auckland Nov 1965, and has 28 clubs from Northland to Invercargill.

Membership enquiries are welcome. Find a club near you or contact us for more information.

The rewards of Zonta membership

Join a global group of like-minded people, helping women and girls contribute to your community in a rewarding and enjoyable way create friendships and network with members locally, nationally and internationally develop personal skills and leadership opportunities make a difference to the world around you giving a voice to those who can not speak out.

Zonta International is a leading global organisation of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy

Founded in 1919 in the USA, Zonta International has 27,000 members in 1,133 Zonta Clubs in 63 countries. Members volunteer their time, talents, and money to support women and girls in their local communities, run projects in many parts of the world to improve the lives of women, and advocate on women’s issues at all levels of society. There are scholarship and award programs for furthering women’s education and also youth leadership development through Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs. Zonta International has a long and well-respected history of partnership in programs with United Nations Agencies and maintains consultative status on women’s issues with the UN and Council of Europe.

International Projects

Every year, Zonta Foundation for Women provides more than US$5 million for programs and projects that benefit thousands of women around the world. Through the Foundation, Zonta International helps women and girls overcome gender barriers to educational and professional advancement; provides opportunities for women to earn higher wages and achieve economic independence; ensures that women and children have access to quality, affordable health care; and strives to end violence against women while helping survivors rebuild their lives.

The Zonta Foundation for Women is a not-for-profit charitable organisation supported solely by contributions from Zonta clubs, Zontians, and friends of Zonta International around the globe who share a commitment to advancing the status of women worldwide. The affairs of the Foundation are managed by its Board of Directors who also sit on the Board of Zonta International Foundation.
Learn more about Zonta’s International Programs supported by the Zonta Foundation for Women.

Zonta in New Zealand

Is spread across five Areas, and each Area is supported with an Area Director. Each Club has a President who helps chair the Club. With 28 Clubs it is important that we get together on a regular basis, this being as with being a Zonta member, friendship is an important factor to belonging to such an important organisation. Whilst we help so many around the world, also supporting ourselves and enjoying belonging to a club is crucial too. In all positions around the country there is great opportunities to grow leadership skills and use talents also.

District Rules of Procedure

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