The Zonta Club of Waimakariri, initiated on May 13th 2002, was formed from an amalgamation of the Zonta Clubs of North Canterbury and of Christchurch West. By that time, half of the members of the North Canterbury members had moved to live in Christchurch, as well as which, a small membership in both clubs made a merger a better option than disbandment.

A steering Committee to amalgamate the two clubs was held on May 13th 2002. The inaugural meeting took place on June 2nd 2002.
A formal resolution to amalgamate was passed on August 12th 2002.
The new Zonta Club of Waimakariri retained the Charter of the Zonta Club of North Canterbury.

Foundation Members
Co-Chairmen: Susan Laidlaw and Francis Coburn.
Secretary : Lyn Russell.
Treasurer: Eris Le Compte.
Directors: Wendy Toohey, Judy Sneesby, Marieke Van Notten, Wendy Rockhouse.
Members: Jill Taiaroa, Jane Mears, Lynne Gibbons, Nola McLean, Anne Stoddart, Beverley Strat ford, Carol Burton, Joanne Cartland, Julie Nelson, Margaret Clayton, Robyn Davies, Carol Falloon, Michelle Munn,
Club Presidents: 2002 Susan Laidlaw & Francis Coburn, 2002-3 Lyn Russell, 2003-5 Wendy Rockhouse, 2005-7 Eris Le Compte, 2007-9 Lynne Gibbons, 2009-2011 Sue Grainger

Current President: Gabby Irvine
Current Membership total: 17
Current Club Historian: Wendy Rockhouse.
Current Club Archivist: Wendy Rockhouse.
Current Club Members who have served at District Level:
Wendy Rockhouse, Area 3 Director 2011-12
Carol Burton, District XVI Secretary 1980-82 & 1988-1990
Sue Grainger Area 3 Director 2016-2018

Current Club Service Projects: Shakti Women’s Centre Youth Cultural Development

Most Notable Club Service Project: Pamper Days in Christchurch and Rangiora post the Christchurch earth quakes.

Compiled by Historian:  Lynn Russell and Sue Grainger