Chartered: December 22nd 1970 at Balmacewan Golf Club with celebration Dinner. Number of Charter members: 28.
Charter President: Joan Irwin.
Meetings held 4th Wednesday of the month. Club Dues: $12.00
Present membership: 24 Present President: Sue Kelly
Meetings held 4th Wednesday of the month. Club Dues $195.00


The membership over the years has varied from 19 to 52 but has usually been around the 30. Since the club chartered there have only been two members who have repeated the office of President. There have been 40 Presidents over the life time of the club.

The Club has had three members receive their thirty years service award and at present have one member with 41 year’s service, one with 34 year’s service, one with 27 year’s service, one with 20 year’s service and the balance with 14 or less years of service.


The club has hosted several Area Workshops and forums in Dunedin and also in Wanaka. It has hosted the District Conference in Dunedin in 1995 and co-hosted with Metropolitan Dunedin Club in 2007

Several members have served at the District level:
Natalie Ellis–Wilson, Area Director 1984-86 Kate Lovell, Area Director 1994-96 Netta Noone, Area Director 2000-2002

Netta Noone, Trustee Zonta International Dist 16 Charitable Trust, 2004-2012. Some have served as Committee Chair and members of District Committees.

Several members have attended World Conventions, the first being Rosalie Carey in 1974 in Boston USA.


The club meets once a month for a dinner meeting with usually a Speaker on a topic of interest.
The Board of Directors meets once a month between meetings. Fellowship functions are arranged at various times during the year. The cost per meeting is $28.00 which covers the meal.
An active programme of member recruitment is carried on by the club members during the year.
The club has adopted the policy of having all members as part of a committee with a Director as convener so that all are involved.


  • The Club has subscribed to : Dunedin Council of Social Services,
  • National Council of Women, Dunedin Branch. Otago Pioneer Women’s Association
  • They have worked in partnership with Rotary and Cadburys in fundraising ventures.
  • In 1996 the club established a Sister Club relationship with Zonta Club of Otaru, Japan.


From reading the 1972 annual report the club gave $450.00 to International funds and the club has continued to support the International Projects over the years.

The pattern of giving internationally, nationally and locally has continued.

The focus on advocacy has varied over the years but is still a very important activity of the club.

Many and varied projects have been supported. For example during the first 3 years :

  • Adventure playground for University Nursery association.
  • Carpet for preschool handicapped Children’s Unit at Dunedin Hospital
  • Otago Museum
  • Regent Theatre Trust
  • Intellectually Handicapped Children’s Home
  • Parkside Hospital
  • Emergency Advice Service
  • Projects Unlimited

Plus several other service projects were undertaken where money was not given but time and talents used.
Over the last 30 years the Club has continued with numerous projects being supported in several ways, be it money or time and talents or produce.

Plus several other service projects were undertaken where money was not given but time and talents used.
Over the last 30 years the Club has continued with numerous projects being supported in several ways, be it money or time and talents or produce.

Some of the major projects supported locally have been:

  • Dunedin Hospital Chapel with the installation of a major stained Glass window which is still enjoyed by patients and public.
  • Life Education Trust with a painted plate auction realizing $30,000.
  • Settlers Museum Costume storage unit to store the gowns from yester year to celebrate Women’s Suffrage Centenary with a Musical production involving 200 volunteer actors and musicians. Raised $30,000.
  • The Apple Diabetes programme for children to promote better diet. Raised $100,000 for the research unit with Otago Hospital and Medical School with the help of Dunedin Rotary Club.
  • The club has a Scholarship awarded each year to a 2nd year university student who has achieved in her first year. The student must be looking after dependants whether children or adults and wish to continue her studies. It is included in the Otago University Calendar. The members take part in Community Clean up days, Street appeals for Women and Children focused causes and raise money for smaller causes when presented to the club.
  • These include Women’s Refuge, Teen Parents School, Red Cross, Health Camp Children, Family Planning. Community Can Help appeal and Food Banks. The funds are raised by having theatre evenings, Quiz evenings etc.
  • The club arranged a reception for the two Governor Generals who had been members of Zonta, Dame Catherine Tizard and Dame Sylvia Cartwright when they were in office.
  • Women’s organizations from the Dunedin area were invited and over 46 different groups attended.
  • The Club has had free to the public Seminars about Health and also Active Retirement as well as for female candidates standing for local body elections.
  • The club has supported the District Projects and continues to donate a percentage of all fund raising to the Zonta International Service Projects. Over the years approximately $US 50,000 has been sent to the foundation.


has been carried out at various times with submissions being made on matters affecting women and children. These have been done in association with NCW when applicable.

SOM for Metropolitan Dunedin Club:

In 1997 the club instigated a SOM committee to help establish another Zonta club in Dunedin.
The club was Chartered in August 1997 and three members, Kate Lovell, Noelene Harridge and Netta Noone mentored the Club for a further two years. The possibility of a club in Central Otago was investigated but without success.

Compiled by Historian: Netta Noone