For almost 100 years, Zonta International has contributed to help achieve a world free of violence against women and girls through service and advocacy. Violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive human rights violations and a global epidemic. It knows no national or cultural barriers; it takes place at home, in the workplace and in open spaces, and affects millions of women and girls in peacetime and conflict. It includes psychological, physical and sexual violence, and harmful practices such as rape, female genital cutting, child marriage and human trafficking. Violence against women and girls threatens countries, inhibits economic progress, and prevents women from contributing to their community and creating better lives for themselves and their families.

The advocacy campaign “Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women” was launched in 2012, to raise awareness of the global pandemic of women’s rights violations and has united Zonta clubs worldwide in conducting impactful advocacy actions to fight violence against women and gender inequality.

All Zonta clubs and districts are encouraged to take advocacy actions throughout the year:
• To promote the human rights of women
• To promote Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”
• To end violence against women and girls

During the 16 Days of Activism, 25 November-10 December, all Zonta clubs and districts are encouraged to take part in the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign and to take local, national and international actions to influence the making and implementation of laws, as well as changing gender-based attitudes and behaviors to end violence against women.

For the 2018 – 2020 biennium, the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign will focus on child marriage, one of the worst obstacles girls are facing globally and a severe human right’s violation. Zonta clubs around the world are called upon to create awareness of this harmful practice among their members and the public. D16 Zonta Say No to Violence Against Women activities are coordinated by Liz Holsted who can assist with ideas and information sharing (see ZSN Newsletters in resources below). Contact Liz on

See below for stories of Zonta Says no activities taken by clubs.

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Zonta Club of Whangarei

Lit up the Canopy Bridge in Orange. Also, did a walk around the Whangarei loop walkway, everyone dressed in Orange. Resulted in a great public presence in Whangarei, the campaign was very visible to the public.

Zonta Club of Hatea Whangarei

Join with the Whangarei Club and walked the Whangarei Loop walkway.
Resulted in a great public presence in Whangarei, the campaign was very visible to the public and a
good example of clubs working in partnership.

Zonta Club of Mangawhai

Knit bombed large tree outside Art Gallery . Resulted in huge public attention & congratulations via local community Facebook.

Zonta Club of Hibiscus Coast

Had a static display at the Whangaparaoa Library for 2 weeks, club members met on the 26th November and walked through the Whangaparaoa shopping centre with the ZSN banner, giving out pamphlets. Joined the North Shore club and marched in the Browns Bay Christmas parade. Browns Bay Parade with North Shore club provided a good profile for the ZSN campaign with our club banner, orange balloons and pamphlets/information about where to ask for help.

Zonta Club of North Shore

Marched in the Browns Bay Xmas parade with orange car, orange balloons and information about where to get help if you are a victim of violence. Good profile for the ZSN campaign- information given out to a wide sector of the community.

  • ZSN North Shore Browns Bay

Zonta Club of Auckland

Had a static display in the window of the Auckland Library with orange shoes representing the victims of violence. Hosted an expert panel of speakers from the Domestic Violence sector, facilitated by Pam Corkery which explored the reality for women and children today.
Panellists include: Louise Nicholas, crusader for victims of sexual assault, Richie Hardcore, White Ribbon ambassador and well-known campaigner against violent assault, Vic Tamati, champion of the It's Not OK drive, Associate Professor Janet Fanslow from the School of Population Health at Auckland University who has been engaged in violence prevention research since 1989, Barrister Louise Reed and solicitor Alissa Bell, experienced lawyers in the Family Court.

  • ZSN Auckland- Panel discussion

Zonta Club of East Auckland

Successful Club commitment to the Zonta Says No campaign in Howick Village on 26 November 2017. Zonta signs and ribbons were distributed to Howick businesses . We had an informative display in the Howick Library for the month of November and information was replenished during this period. On the 26th orange bunting, Zonta banner, wooden dolls and balloons formed a display at the rotunda in the centre of Howick. 2,000 ribbons were distributed to the public, and had a police presence, Howick Town Crier, and a Howick Local Board member attend. Our MacLean’s College Z Club girls were present and contributed positively.
A highly visible presence in the Howick township. Received positive feedback from Howick businesses. Excellent engagement with the community. Good joint project with the Z Club.

  • ZSN Macleans College Z Club

Zonta Club of West Auckland

Attended and assisted at community barbecues run by WAVES and Police highlighting it's not OK- gave out ribbons and pamphlets. The door we created with strong imagery advertising the positive and negatives was displayed at the Ranui Library.

Zonta Clubs of Whangarei, Hatea Whangarei and Mangawhai

The Zonta Clubs of Whangarei, Hatea Whangarei and Mangawhai joined forces to create a swathe of bright orange in Whangarei on a very gloomy, drizzling day. The advantage of the weather was that the colour stood out even more, and as more than 30 people walked from Town Basin carrying placards they received many toots and waves from passing motorists. Mangawhai's orange dolls gave a focal point at the restaurant where members had the opportunity for discussion and giving out information. A great impact and great opportunity for the three clubs to be together informally. The new bridge over the basin has been lit up orange for three days for the event.

A few more photos taken today of the Orange walk around the loop. Great morning with the Whangarei, Hatea and Mangawhai Zonta Clubs joining together

Zonta Club of Hamilton

Hosted an event called "Living Life in Colour" in conjunction with Annah Stretton (fashion designer and philanthropist) which raised funds for Parentline's programme in teaching children how to deal with anger/violence.
In November had a presence at various markets in and around Hamilton, handing out bookmarks, pamphlets to the public.

Zonta Club of Thames

Banner was placed in the Hospital foyer for the 16 days of Activism against violence. A banner was also placed across the advertising screen in a local bank There was a static display in the Thames library. Had a stall at Thames Market, 3 Saturdays in a row, handing out cards with white and orange ribbons to the public, also Zonta information and "Zonta Says No" bookmarks + information from our local violence prevention (It’s Not OK). Wooden doll dressed up with messages highlighting prevalence of violence against women. Thames Santa parade - Black Ute dressed up with orange accessories such as tree, decorations, and balloons and streamers. Walkers and drivers all in black with orange wigs and orange leis. Handed out candy and balloons to children, Zonta bookmarks and ribbons left over from market handed out.

Zonta Club of Tauranga

Had a ZSN float at the Tauranga Santa parade on 3 December 2016 which was a sea of orange and provided a great opportunity to interact with the community

Zonta Club of Rotorua

ZSN a major focus again this year with several members riding 16kms for the 16 days of Activism against violence. Members walked through Rotorua on 26th November wearing orange t-shirts, carrying orange dolls and giving away orange balloons and ZSN bookmarks. The march ended at the Village Green connecting with Rotorua Safer Communities White Ribbon event. Orange dolls were presented to the local Police Commander and the Rotorua Youth Centre, other dolls were placed around the town with anti-violence messages. The iSite Clock Tower and the prince of wales arches were lit up in orange for the 16 days of Activism.

Zonta Club of Hawke's Bay

Participated in Blossom Parade (10 September) and Napier Community Parade (26 November) in orange (banner and orange wigs) with distribution of leaflets for Zonta says No and It’s Not Ok booklets.
26th November – 16 December ZSN displays in Libraries, Medical Centres, Shops etc. (Orange Dolls and Posters).
Received local media coverage via article in “Hawkes Bay Today”
Napier Community (Christmas) parade was able to spread the word at a high-risk time of year, in a subtle and safe way.
The orange theme was used to good effect to get people’s attention.

Zonta Club of Manawatu

In conjunction with White Ribbon Day and Women’s Art Initiative (WAI). Static display of orange doll at art exhibition for WAI with an opening event on Friday 4th November. Zonta Says No Banner and Orange Doll were on display throughout the run of the exhibition which was extended into mid-January.
Orange doll had self-produced leaflets in pockets for public to take. Leaflet contained information on signs and dealing with abuse (leaflet modelled on one produced by Zonta Club of Hawkes Bay)
All leaflets (~30) uplifted by public and good public forum to promote ZSN. Orange doll had good visibility. Added emphasis obtained by pairing with WAI art exhibition.

Zonta Club of Wanganui

Stand at the Saturday market (26 November), orange wigs worn orange balloons to give away and bookmarks promoting Zonta and the organizations available in Wanganui to contact for help.
“Round the bridges” walk used to promote of ZSN, wearing our orange wigs and carrying banners and handing out the orange balloons and bookmarks.

Zonta Club of Mana

Stand at the Festival of the Elements/Arts (at Te Rauparaha Arena, event organised by Business Porirua and promoted by Porirua City Council). Handed out the awareness literature, book marks, engaged with the public and discussed Zonta information and pinned white survivor ribbons onto the Orange Board.
Mana members gathered in orange at a local cafe, and handed out information and bookmarks outside of New World on 26 November. The club also promoted joint relationships with local services such as Women’s Refuge, End Family/Whanau Violence.

Zonta Club of Wellington

The Mayoral Candidates Debate held on 17 September was focussed on local issues related to violence against women and girls in the City of Wellington. This Debate was held to raise awareness of “ZONTA says NO”.
Participated in the Women’s March with Zonta Says No banner.
Facebook campaign - posted each day during the 16 days of activism to raise awareness of Zonta says No.

Zonta Club of Marlborough

Had a static display in the MDC Library for two weeks, orange “ladies” with supporting information in at least 8 retail locations around town, and joined the Marlborough Violence Intervention Project (MVIP) wearing our orange t-shirts in supporting the White Ribbon Riders when they were in town.

Zonta Club of Christchurch-Canterbury

Joined with CHCH South in Cathedral Square with orange T-shirts & banners during White Ribbon Day activities

Zonta Club of Christchurch North

Club members joined with UN Women and other likeminded organisations for a family event held on 25thNovember (White Ribbon day) in The Square – orange T shirts were worn.

Zonta Club of Christchurch South

ZSN breakfast on 25th November with Amy the Honourable Adams as guest speaker. Joined other organisations in orange T-shirts & carrying banner for White Ribbon Day. Christchurch airport control tower and the Isaac Theatre Royal lit up in orange

Zonta Club of Waimakariri

Waimakariri club wrote to both the Prime Minister and Amy Adams - Minister for Women. Received a response from both offices acknowledging they had received the letters.

Zonta Club of Ashburton

Ashburton Clock Tower was lit up with orange lights, ribbons and the neighbouring trees had orange ribbons tied to them; Members joined with smaller outings wearing their orange T Shirts; Members wore orange ribbons for the 16 days of Activism against Violence; Messages on our Facebook Page; Todd's of Ashburton (Main Street) provided an orange window display; 10 December walk down the Main Street of Ashburton distributing Zonta Says No Bookmarks and concluding with the release of Orange Balloons - Other Groups/Organisations invited to join with us for this walk. Media coverage of all these events planned over Radio and Print.

Zonta Club of Oamaru

Combined with Safer Waitaki White Ribbon Promotion.

Produced a calendar using photos from local businesses who had messages / slogans against Family Violence.
Held a White Ribbon Breakfast on 23rd November with 70 guests and guest Speaker Stephanie Edmonds from Wellington spoke about “It’s not OK”.
On 24th November, Zonta members spent the day accompanying the White Ribbon Riders, local riders and the police visiting the four local High Schools. Lesley Elliott and Bill O’Brien attended the ride.

Zonta Club of Timaru

Held a breakfast on the 26th November. A local café provides fundraising breakfasts to which we sell tickets. Only a small portion of the ticket cost is given to the café for the food and the rest is for Zonta. We wear our orange tee shirts and have a raffle and hand out information about the Zonta Says NO Project.

Zonta Club of Metropolitan Dunedin

Joined with the Dunedin-Otago Club dressed in Orange tee shirts and Orange Wigs to hand out orange ribbons, custom made bookmarks with signs of abuse and local contact details for help, and gingerbread men at the entrances of the Otago Farmers Market. A weekly event visited by 1000’s of people. After the market, the club moved on to do a second event. 10 Metropolitan members in collaboration with relevant local agencies set up a large stall in the middle of the Golden Centre mall (the middle of 3 malls joined together). The stand was visible to almost every pre-Christmas shopper in all 3 malls. Zonta says no banner and club banner on display. Life sized wooden orange doll on display with over 100 orange balloons, remaining gingerbread men and bookmarks.

  • ZSN Metro Dunedin

  • ZSN Metro Dunedin

Zonta Club of Dunedin-Otago

Joined with the Metropolitan Dunedin club at the Railway Station. Gave out orange balloons and ribbons. Then went to a Mall & did the same.