International Projects
Every year, Zonta International Foundation (ZIF) provides more than US$5 million for programs and projects that benefit thousands of women around the world. Through the Foundation, Zonta International helps women and girls overcome gender barriers to educational and professional advancement; provides opportunities for women to earn higher wages and achieve economic independence; ensures that women and children have access to quality, affordable health care; and strives to end violence against women while helping survivors rebuild their lives.

The Zonta International Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organisation supported solely by contributions from Zonta clubs, Zontians and friends of Zonta International around the globe who share a commitment to advancing the status of women worldwide. The affairs of the Foundation are managed by its Board of Directors who also sit on the Board of Zonta International Foundation.

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District Project
The Sophie Elliott Foundation (SEF) was selected as the Zonta District Project for the 2014-2016 biennium.  Clubs voted to continue this project in the 2016-2018 biennium.

Following the death of Sophie Elliott at the hands of ex-boyfriend Clayton Weatherston, it soon became apparent that her five-month-long relationship had been an abusive one. This led Sophie’s mother Lesley to research the phenomenon to determine why she and Sophie didn’t recognise the signs. The Foundation was formed with the aim of violence prevention through education, awareness and empowerment of young women.

SEF joined the New Zealand Police and the It’s Not OK Campaign to implement a full-day workshop for year 12 students called Loves-Me-Not. The workshops allow students (boys and girls) to examine what behaviours constitute a healthy (equal) relationship as opposed to an unhealthy (controlling) one. Effective bystander strategies and where to seek help are also featured.

SEF has taken on the responsibility of providing quality audio/visual resources for Loves-Me-Not along with a book based around Sophie’s story. The book “Love Me Not – How to Keep Relationships safe” will be offered to students completing the workshops in schools. Zonta District 16’s support will enable the printing of the book and possibly some of the video resources.

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District Project Fundraiser
Tatiana Blagova-Ives, a member of Zonta Christchurch North, is selling her book “Only for New Zealand Women. Ten Conversations with a Hypnotherapist”. The book takes you on a guided journey and enables you to learn and practise techniques that will lead you to gain new energy, to improve eating and sleeping habits to feel more vigorous and content.

Tatiana Blagova-Ives, PhD is a New Zealand Chartered Natural Health Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified anxiety specialist. You can learn more by visiting her website.

Tatiana and the Christchurch North Club are supporting women advocacy and service by donating 30% of the sale to the District Project.

To learn more:
Visit her website at the link

To purchase directly When completing the purchase include ‘ZONTA’ and your club under the special instructions to the seller.

Learn more about the benefits of the book at Benefits of ‘Ten Conversations with a Hypnotherapist’