A Brief History of Prominent Zonta Member:
Sussanne Hannagan, Club of Metropolitan Dunedin

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Susanne joined the Zonta Club of Metropolitan Dunedin when it was established in 1997 and was their charter president. Susanne was an enthusiastic, loyal and committed Zontian. She had a great zest for life and did everything at full speed.

When the club celebrated its first anniversary Susanne contacted the then Governor General (Sir Michael Hardie Boyes) and his wife and had them attend the celebration. For the club’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Susanne had a cake made and decorated
with the charter photo. She ensured each charter member present at that celebration ate a piece of the cake containing their photograph!

Susanne was born in Dunedin and lived there all her life apart from a spell as a boarder at Tschemakers College in Oamaru. After leaving school she studied at Dunedin Training College and was a teacher prior to marrying Brian. Susanne devoted her early married life to bringing up their 8 children. Brian, her family and grandchildren were the focal point of her life.

Finally the time came when Susanne had more time for herself. She applied for and was appointed to the position of manager at Dunedin’s Visitors Centre where she was a very popular member of their staff. On retirement from the Visitors Centre Susanne could be seen greeting passengers off visiting cruise ships and taking them on a walking tour of the city calling in at the various hostelrys around the city.

Susanne always ensured her group finished their tour at one of the shopping malls so that they could leave some of their tourist dollars with local businesses.

Susanne encouraged all club members to become involved in club activities, attend Area Forums, District Conferences and Convention. She also encouraged them to take office at club and District level and supported them in their roles.

Susanne attended most of the Area 5 Forums and the Zonta International Convention in Melbourne which was a highlight of Susanne’s membership in Zonta. She motivated other club members to attend Convention and ensured that everyone was involved and not left out of any of the activities that went on in and outside of Convention. She introduced many people to Zonta and ensured they were involved in club and district activites.

She was an enthusiatic organiser of the Annual Zonta Garage Sale seeing this as a great fellowship event for club members while fundraising at the same time. If Susanne noticed a club member had not included their name on the roster to help she would telephone them to ensure they had a good excuse for not attending. She coerced husbands to come along telling them they were needed to help with the set up and for security on the day of the Garage Sale and ensured they attended the fellowship functions associated with this event.

Susanne was instrumental in the establishment of the annual MAD (Make a Difference) project. She would advise club members that this was a service event for the community, was not to be a fundraiser and should not cost the members anything but their time.

Contracting motor neuron disease was a cruel blow for Susanne. t was a measure of the esteem in which she was held in the community and at Zonta that so many people supported her as she slowly lost her battle with this disease.