A Brief History of Prominent Zonta Member:
Mavis Shuker, Club of South Auckland

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Area 1 Director in 2006 – 2008
Chair of the Nominating Committee 2012 – 2014.

Mavis joined in 1997 when she was introduced to Zonta by her friend in the North Shore Zonta Club who put Mavis’s name forward to the South Auckland Club. Her friend had suggested Mavis join a women’s group as in her recent move to the Franklin area and working at home in her small business Mavis was not being involved in any issues as previously.

Mavis became a passionate advocate for improving the status of women and strongly believes this comes through education and awareness. Throughout her working years she has always been involved in women’s issues and endeavoured to assist and advocate for change. She strongly believe everyone must take personal responsibility for all aspects of their life and acknowledges that for many women they need help to get to this state of independence.

Joining Zonta, has enabled Mavis to fulfil her passion for women’s issues and to be involved in service to both the local and international community. She has made many wonderful friends and has had their support when faced with her own challenges and losses.

Mavis has been president, secretary and the convenor of various committees. Although involved in most areas of the club and board, she gets most satisfaction from giving service. To give… is to receive.

“Over the years there have been many innovative ways of fundraising money to support local, district and international projects. What fun it has been organising, participating in and being able to help finance a project – this is where true fellowship happens for me within our club” says Mavis

“The time spent with other members putting kits together for women’s refuge, making breast cushions for those women needing cancer surgery, cooking for various events, to name but a few – so many laughs along the way.”

By attending other Zonta club’s events, forums and conferences Mavis met amazing women throughout New Zealand, heard great speakers and shared wonderful ideas. These visits have gave her a much broader knowledge and understanding of Zonta and reinforced her reason for ‘being there’. They also inspired her to venture to district level.

Mavis continues to be a valued member of her club, with the belief the every member must fully commit with enthusiasm, be open to change, be prepared to speak up and listen to the opinion of others.
“At this stage in my life Zonta still works for me!”