A Brief History of Prominent Zonta Member:
Alison Jordan, Club of Timaru

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Alison played an integral role when a group of South Canterbury women worked together to establish the Zonta Club of Timaru which chartered in July 1989.

Following her involvement as a charter member, Alison became the President of the club in its second year. Alison again held the role of President during 2014 when the club enjoyed celebrations to mark its 25th birthday.

Alison’s ongoing contribution to the club is noted by the list of offices held since 1989 which include being Secretary on two occasions for a total of five years; being the Newsletter Editor twice as well as again in the current term; Board member for several terms and from 2002 to 2004 being the S.OW. International Project Co-ordinator.

Alison has attended all but four New Zealand Conferences in the 26 years that she has been a member of Zonta and in addition has travelled to Paris and Hawaii to experience two Conventions.

Music is clearly a passion of Alison’s as she has spent her life in this field teaching cello, bass and bass guitar in the secondary schools of South Canterbury and North Otago. She was also the Director of the Timaru Primary School of Music for over thirty years. Alison married and raised a family of three and was then widowed in 1994. She gains great enjoyment from her adult family and grandchildren along with experiencing travel to a variety of destinations.

If Alison was asked what her philosophy towards Zonta is she would respond that she has always tried to do her best to support and contribute to any projects the Timaru club has organised – to the best of her ability and within the time available – these words sum up Alison’s commitment and loyalty to Zonta.