Brief History of the Zonta Club of: North Canterbury


The Club was formed by a SOM Committee from the Zonta Club of Christchurch North and chartered on May 29th 1991. It merged with the Christchurch West Club in 2002 to become the Zonta Club of Waimakariri (16-03-1326).

Foundation Members

Carol Burton(Charter President), Jill Taiaroa (First VP), Heather James (Second VP), Anne Stoddart (Treasurer), Sue Riordan (Secretary)

Directors:  Jane Mears, Cecilia Forrest, Kath Matthews, Yvonne de Mille

Members: Jill Hide, Susan Laidlaw, Pamela McAllister, Nola McLean, Patricia Oliver, Judith Parrott, Jill Penally, Joanne Cartland, Jan Saxon, Cath Connolly, Jan Toohey, Shona Earnest, Judith Wareing, Shirley Garside

Club Presidents

1991-92 Carol Burton, 1992-3 Jill Taiaroa, 1993-94 Celia Forrest, 1995-96 Judith Parrott, 1996-97 Anne Stoddart, 1996-7 Maureen Jacobs, 1997-8 Nola McLean, 1998-9 Merle Wilcox, 1999-2000 Susan Laidlaw, 2000-1 Judy Sneesby, 2001-2 Susan Laidlaw,

Members who held District or International Office

  • Susan Laidlaw:  Area Director 1984-6, Lieutenant Governor 1986-88, District Governor 1988-90, Past co-Chair of the Zonta International Z Club Committee 1984-6 & Committee member 1986-88, member of International Membership and Classification Committee 1986-88, International Director 1990-92,
  • Carol Burton: District Secretary 1980-82, District Secretary 1988-1990.
  • Lyn Russell: District Secretary 1996-98.

Notable Projects

Zonta Women’s Resource Room at Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer Springs. Books supplied to list provided by Hospital staff. Community Award presented to the Club by Queen Mary Hospital 1992-6.

Support for Teen Parents College, Kaiapoi from its inception- donated money, books, 1998-99.

Compiled by Historian: Lynn Russell and members of the Zonta Club of Waimakariri.