A Brief History of the Zonta Club of: Hutt Area

Wellington Zontians began the organisation of a new Hutt Area Zonta Club in early 1976. Sponsored by the Marion de Forest Fund and organised by Kate Harcourt of the Zonta Club of Wellington, the formation of the Zonta Club of Hutt Area was declared at an inaugural dinner and preliminary meeting held in the Grove Motel, Hutt Area, on September 29th 1976. Officers elected for the new club included Marilyn Stoddart as President, Christina Sage, Vice President, Joan Fahey, Secretary, Glenys Rowlands, Treasurer, and Directors, Cassia Ward, Ray Bellringer, Penny Le Page and Robin Humphries. The club was granted its charter on November 17th 1976 with 42 charter members. The charter dinner took place on March 31st 1977 on the night before the District Conference in Wellington. Past District Governor Beverley Bennett welcomed the Zonta Club of Hutt Area to District XVI and introduced the guest of honour, International President Madame France de la Chaise Mutin, who presented the charter.

By the time of Jean Corbin Thomas’s governorship, falling membership meant that much significant community service was carried out by a very small number of enthusiastic Zontians. The establishment of the Zonta Rose Garden at Vogel House in November 2001 was a major project that involved clubs throughout New Zealand and coincided with Hutt Area’s 25th anniversary. The club was disestablished during Jan Bowman’s governorship, with some members, including Marj Williams, Doreen James and Dorothy Turner, then transferring to the Zonta Club of Wellington.

Hutt Area Club Presidents:
1976 ‐ 77 Marilyn Stoddard
1977 -­ 78 Christina Sage
1978 ­‐ 79 Rae Bellringer
1979 -­ 80 Joan Fahey
1980 ­‐ 81 Sonia Schnellenberg
1981 -­ 82 Sheila Tait
1982 ­‐ 84 Patricia Martin
1984 ‐ 86 Anne Benda
1986 ­‐ 88 Brenda Lister
1988 – 90 Beverley Chappell
1990 -­ 92 Marlene Mulholland
1992- ­ 94 Robyn Bridge
1994 ­‐ 96 Marjorie Williams
1996 ‐ 98 Betty Ross
1998 -­ 2000 Doreen James (White)
2000 ­‐ 2002 Cheryl Marquis
2002 ‐ 2004 Dorothy Turner

List prepared by Dorothy Turner, 2015

Compiled by Historian: Jennifer Loughton, District Historian