Under Combined District 16 – Australia/NZ
  • Zonta Club of Wellington was chartered on 19 May 1969
  • It was the second club to be chartered in NZ with Auckland the first in May 1966.
  • The club meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month except December
  • Beverley Shore Bennett was District 16 Governor 1976-78
  • Club hosted District 16 Conference April 1-3
  • D16 Area 4 Director 1978-80 was Ann Mallinson
  • Club has chartered following clubs: Palmerston North, Hutt Area, Mana Area, Port

District 16 was split into three in 1990, with Australia becoming Districts 23 and 24 and New Zealand retaining District 16 as it had the earliest chartered club (Auckland) within combined District.

Under District 16 New Zealand Only
  • D16 Area 2 Directors: 1990-92 Mandy Natush/Loes Walker; 1996-98 Lynn McKenzie; 2000-02 Marj Williams (then Hutt Club); 2002-04 Annette Boddy; 2012-14 Barbara Pope, 2014-16 Janine
  • Club inaugurated in 1990 Zonta Science Award – a biennial
  • Club hosted or co-hosted District 16 Conferences Sept 20–22 1991, Sept 17–19 1999, 2-4 October 2009
  • Club becomes involved in 2000 in Zonta International’s Young Women in Public Affairs Awards for Wellington Area Zonta
  • Club becomes involved in 2002 with Zonta Design Awards in conjunction with Mana and Hutt
  • Governor District 16 Lynn McKenzie 2002-04
  • Club inaugurated in 2004 Zonta/Building Research
  • Lynn McKenzie has held Zonta International roles as Director 2004-06, Chair of Status of Women Service 2006-08, Vice President 2008-10, President Elect 2010-12, International President 2012-14.
  • D16 Foundation Ambassador 2004-06 was Annette Boddy
  • Zonta Club of Hutt dissolved 2005.
  • Zonta International Chairs of Committees 2012-14; Jane M Klausman-Janine Gould; Finance- Souella Cumming.
  • Zonta International PR Committee member 2012-14 Therese.
  • Zonta District 16 Treasurer 2012-14 Souella Cumming, also 2014-16
  • Zonta District 16 Lieutenant Governor Souella Cumming 2016-2018
1969-70 Beverley Shore Bennett Charter President1985-86 Annette Boddy2001-02 Jan Nye
1970-71 Doreen Neal1986-87 Brenda Cutress2002-03 Clare Pinder
1971-72 Ann Mallinson1987-88 Annette Boddy/Brenda Cutress2003-04 Clare Pinder
1972-73 Isabel Thomson1988-89 Mandy Natusch2004-05 Joanne Lentfer
1973-74 Dame Pat Evison1989-90 Adele McLayYear changed to calendar year
1974-75 Ilse Mackaskill1990-91 Loes Walker2006 Roxanne Shaw
1975-76 Dame Margaret Sparrow1991-92 Hilary Lamb (Baskerville)2007 Karen Whitiskie
1976-77 Sharryn Waters1992-93 Mary Gainsford2008 Therese Marie
1977-78 Sandra Moran1993-94 Lynn McKenzie2009 Sue Hope
1978-79 Inge Woolf1994-95 Beverley McGlashan2010 Barbara Pope
1979-80 Judith Clark1995-96 Joan Nicol2011 Souella Cumming
1980-81 Margaret Haywood1996-97 Janine Gould2012 Jen McKinlay- Birkin
1981-82 Marie Keir1997-98 Penelope Austin2013 Sandra Daly
1982-83 Margaret Van Arendonk1998-99 Patricia Logan2014 Agnes Espineda
1983-84 Dorothy Carmody1999-2000 Elisabeth Airex2015 Dr Jan Pearson
1984-85 Christine Reardon2000-01 Olwen Taylor2016 Rayoni Keith
2017 Sarah Barclay
1990 Dr Jean Fleming, research scientist2004 Dr Ursula Cochran, earth scientist
1992 Dr Pip Gerard, environmental scientist2006 Dr Victoria Metcalf, biochemical scientist
1994 Dr Jacqueline Rowarth, plant physiologist2008 Dr Deidre Hart, earth researcher
1996 Dr Wendy Nelson, botanist2010 Dr Julia Lim, Biological Scientist
1998 Dr Helen Neil, paleoceanographer2012 Dr Anna Ponnampalam, Gynaecology Scientist
2000 Dr Michele Prinsep, organic chemist2014 Dr Laura Green, Immunologist
2002 Dr Julia Charity, forestry biotechnologist2016 Amy Van Wey Lovatt, Mathematician
2004 Helen Greenep, Plant biosystematics technician2006-07 Maive Hume-Nixon, Queen Margaret College
2006 Caroline Shorter, Research Scientist2007-08 Kate Middleton-Oliver, Wellington East Girls College
2008 Wendy Saunders, Natural Hazard Planner (last award)2008-09 Charlotte Davis, Queen Margaret College
2000-01 Crystal Marks, Newlands College2009-10 Manidipa Das, Hutt Valley High School
2001-02 Sarah Natusch, Queen Margaret College2010-11 Katja Heesterman, Queen Margaret College
2002-03 Kristie Richardson, St Catherines College
(D16 winner)
2011-12 Camille Villa, Sacred Heart College
2003-04 Cherrie Kong, Wellington Girls College2012-13 Sarah Pereira, Sacred Heart College
2004-05 Lauren Pratt, St Orans College2013-14 Jessica Fenton, Wellington Girls College
2005-06 Selina Powell, Wellington High School2014-15 Anna Collett, Wellington High School
2015-16 Hannah Ward, Samuel Marsden Collegiate2016-17 Niyonzima, NaeNae College
Combined Clubs of Hutt, Mana, & Wellington – $2000 award
2002 Jamie McLennan2003 Shelley Farrell
Supreme Winners
2004 Helena Webster – Industrial2007 Nov Amy Robinson – Industrial
2005 Tessa Benham – Fashion & Textile2008 Ruth Browne – Textile
2006 Sarah Jackson – Graphic2009 Andrea Bednarek, Photographic
2007 May Lucy Cant – Industrial2010/11 Kelly Olatunji, Textile

Design Awards & Massey University College of Creative Arts Sponsored Awards in conjunction with Weta Workshop (Industrial Design), Clemengers BBDO till 2006 then replaced by Saatchi & Saatchi(Graphic Design ), Limited Editions (Interior Design), Rembrandt Suits (Fashion Design), ES Design (Textile Design), Imagelab (Photographic   Design). Originally $1,000   for   section   winners   and   $5,000 for supreme winner but were revised from 2009 to $500 for section winners plus mentoring from sponsors plus $1000 for supreme winner (sponsors Weta Workshop, Imagelab, ES Design, Limited Editions, Ruby Boutique and Saatchi   &   Saatchi). Design Awards were discontinued in 2012.

Club Project 2014-2015

Assistance to Sexual Abuse Assessment & Treatment Services, Wellington (SAATS).

Club Project 2016-2017

Hutt Valley Teen Parent School

Club Project 2017-2018

Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust

Compiled by Historian:  Wellington Club